Most Relatable FRIENDS on Quarantine Memes

The quarantine sucks, we know. But what can you do? Well, aside from keeping your hygiene in tip-top shape, some people spend days watching Netflix, while others start new hobbies, read books, and serenade from their balconies. But we can all agree that the one thing we have in common these days (other than the quarantine regime) is the 24/7 access to the internet, which of course, means countless memes.

The generic yet quite relatable coronavirus memes have quickly conquered the social networks around the world in mere days. One could even say they went viral! You have your toilet paper funnies, the “work from home” jokes, but the pinnacle of entertainment these days are the memes about Friends stuck at home.

Netflix even returned the Friends series to the platform because of the whole quarantine thing, so it became much easier to make these hilarious memes, while also enjoying the Central Perk shenanigans again.

Alright, let’s see those memes!

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